Nursery 2 (12 months – 2 years)

Our nursery 2 room caters for children from 12 months to 2 years.  Whether your child has moved up from Nursery 1 or is new to Blue water Village we will continue to ensure all our families and babies feel comforted and supported throughout their days in the room.

We provide a warm and inviting home like environment that allows all children to feel safe and secure throughout the day.  We continue to collaborate with families daily to ensure we have an understanding of their child’s needs and growing interests. This collaboration allows us to support each child’s individual needs whether it be there routines, nutrition or sleep requirements.  

Nursery 2 is a room that has lots of natural light and space for the children to grow and develop in each day, with direct access to their own private yard that is shared with Nursery 1.  The room has its own sleep room which allows the children to have a sleep or rest in a quiet and soothing environment that is separate from the hustle and bustle of playing children.  Both rooms have climate control to add to the overall comfort. 

We provide resources in the Nursery 2 room that are age appropriate and based on the children’s interests and needs.  Keeping in mind that this is an older Nursery room so the experiences will be slightly more challenging for the children to help them develop and be prepared for the Toddler room.  With all the attentions to detail and individualised care our babies will flourish at Bluewater Village.