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It’s time to let kids be kids!

At Bluewater Village Early Learning we’re focussed on preparing your children for the future in the best possible way.

Our philosophy has been based around how much fun kids can have at our centre.

With a strong focus on real play our unique approach finds the balance between education, care, play and wildhood.

That’s what really sets us apart.

Our centre opened in early 2019 and was established to meet the demand created by our sister centre Smithfield Village Early Learning just down the road.

Like Smithfield Village we’re focused on bringing back the wildhood for kids.

It’s about getting them back into nature and creating an environment where they thrive and have the freedom to wander, explore or be left alone for five minutes.

It’s invaluable to offer a child that kind of positive experience and we strive to create fun environments that also challenge children’s mindset.

Complete with a waterpark, sand pits, bike tracks and a barnyard full of goats, chickens, reptiles and birds Bluewater Village Early Learning goes beyond standard toy rooms and outdoor play equipment.

Our centre has been designed to excite little ones whilst beginning to teach them important life skills.

Backed by more than 20 years’ experience owner and childcare expert John Wall has assisted over 400 owners and investors to date in managing their childcare centres effectively.


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Nothing is more important than your child's care.