Toddlers (2 years – 3 years)

Our toddlers will be enjoying a cosy, homely environment daily which will encourage children to become increasingly engaged in their natural surroundings.   The natural surroundings will encourage children to explore and play within the environment: our goal is for the children to foster a love for learning.

Toddlers are active learners and are always on the move.  This environment has been designed to foster the active toddler and to get them involved in age-appropriate learning that involves, music, dancing, art, and dramatic play just to name a few.  

We want to provide opportunities for children to grow and learn at their own pace, to help foster this our Educators will develop and implement a program based on your child’s interests as well as what they have observed and/or suggestions from families. The program will focus on encouraging independence, and the development of language, self-expression and fundamental social skills. Experiences will then be provided to help support this learning. Our teaching methods are based on the Early Years Learning Framework. 

Our programming is designed to support all areas of learning and development, both indoors and outdoors. We encourage children to engage with the environment and actively learn about sustainability.

We know that children love to play and be free to explore so we foster those key points by providing a caring, happy, challenging and stimulating environment. To put it simply, we encourage the children to play, and therefore to learn.

Educators will invite parents and families to have input and involvement daily, this helps to ensure that meaningful experiences are occurring at Bluewater Village as well as continuity of care between home and the greater community.

Our Educators are about creating inspirational learning spaces for children daily, to help stimulate and encourage children’s learning and involvement with others.  Our environments have resources that have been sourced from our local communities and around Australia to ensure that they fit in with our natural environments.

In amongst all the playing and exploring the children will also get an opportunity to relax and rest in there rooms either by having a sleep or playing with some quiet activities to help rejuvenate them for their further exploring in the afternoon.