Kitchen/Kitchen Garden

When you walk into our service of a morning to drop off your children the first thing you will notice is the exquisite smell that will be filling the corridors from the kitchen.

Our kitchen has a 5-star culinary chef with years of experience as well as a sous chef that provides 5-star meals, each an everyday.  A popular comment from educators is that the children eat better then we do at home.  

You can look forward to hearing about all the delicious food that your children will be eating such as Sushi, Spanish Mackerel, and a favorite roasted tablelands sirloin steak with vegetables.  All the food that is provided meets the Menu nutrition Australia guidelines to ensure your children are receiving all the nutrients they require. 

Our kitchen also has its own Vegetable/herb garden that they will look after and plant according to their menu.  This will be another learning opportunity for children as well as being excited to see it go from the garden to their plate. We enjoy implementing sustainable practices.