Combined Yard (2 years – 5 years)

Our large outdoor playscape is for all children for 2 years up to 5 years, it is ready for all the energy, exploration and experimentation our Toddlers, Junior Kindy, Senior Kindy and Kindergarten children can possibly muster.

Our playscape provides so many opportunities for exploring, playing and learning that the children will never be bored. Our outdoor areas are designed to fit in with our tropical surrounds and for children to explore minimal risk and developmental limits all under the supervision of educators. 

Our playscapes include many opportunities for fun such as a large sand play area, a dedicated active free play zone, natural exploration zone, bike track, waterplay splash pad, quiet play/outdoor zone, and a construction pit.  All of these areas provide hours of learning and development opportunities.

This playscape is great to help children grow and too improve their gross motor skills, particularly when it comes to bikes, scooters and carts and all these can be thoroughly enjoyed on our large custom-designed bike path that winds through the yard. As the children have fun in this play area they are constantly enhancing their social and emotional skills as they learn the basics of considerately giving way, helping others and the simple joy of mastering steering and pedalling.

Lastly, our custom-designed fort has been designed to the highest standards to give the children a constantly engaging area to climb, slide, navigate and play hide and seek in, and even to simply observe all the action from the highest point in the play scape. The fort has its very own windmill that can be seen from anywhere in the yard, plus incorporates a tunnel and shopfront plus climbing net.

We say that if your child goes home with a band aid it means they have had a great day and have learnt many new skills.