Barnyard/Garden World

At Bluewater Village we pride ourselves on providing a great animal education program where children can learn about all types of animals.  We want children to understand what animals do, what they need to survive and what animals we should be cautious of. Most importantly we want children to respect all creatures great and small.

This is where our Ranger is a great success within our centres.  Our Ranger is responsible for the care of all our animals and implements the animal education program throughout the week to all the children. 

Our Barnyard that has numerous farm animals such as ducks and chickens and goats, plus our reptiles which include snakes and lizards helps the ranger implement the animal program. As well as exploring other animals on the planet the animals that are within our service provides an opportunity for children to have hands on experience in taking responsibility and caring for animals daily.

Next to our Barnyard is our Garden world.  Garden World is our centres community garden that the children help to grow and care for.  This is another way that we educate children an understanding of sustainability and nutrition, as they interact with our veggie gardens and worm farm and eagerly observe our fruit trees as they grow in this large, landscaped play space.